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Teaching Outline

Any quilt from the book can be taught as a stand alone class in one or two sessions. I prefer to teach the entire book and let each quilter choose which of the four quilts to make. All of the quilts have a variety of sizes. Usually, I encourage quilters to make only enough pieces for the smallest size during class and make up the difference as homework.
See the outline below for teaching the book in a series of two or three classes.

Class 1
I strongly encourage quilters to wait until class to do the cutting. Ask them to leave the machines at home for this first session. I demonstrate cutting techniques from the general instructions and my books Power Cutting and Power Cutting, Too, to teach the efficient and accurate cutting. I think this is the most important thing they will learn in the class.
Demonstrate the tips and techniques for cutting and piecing each of the four quilts in the book.
Have the quilters cut out the quilt she has chosen.
Discuss what piecing you would like each quilter to do before the next session – strip piecing, flying geese, half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, etc. – or none until next class. You decide.

Class 2 (&3)
Use the last class session(s) to have quilters proceed to construct the quilt of choice with your guidance.