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Quilt Teacher Resources

Teaching From Debbie Caffrey's Books

Shape Up Your Fat Quarters

Teaching Outline

Shape Up Your Fat Quarters works well as a “quilt of the month” just like Open a Can of Worms. There are twelve quilts in this book, but you could combine the three Snail’s Trail quilts into the same month to reserve time at the end of the year for the reunion.
See the outline below for teaching the book in a series of three or four classes.

Class 1
Have the quilters bring 6-8 fat quarters in a variety of values for exercises.
Demonstrate cutting stacked fat quarters. Discuss the facts that the fat quarters are not square and sometimes they are cut parallel to the selvages while other times they are cut perpendicular to the selvages. Some patterns require both (Hot Apple Cider).
Discuss fabric selection for multiple fabric quilts.
Discuss and demonstrate the tips for cutting and constructing the following quilts: Gwen & Friends, Prints Charming, the three Snail’s Trail quilts, and Stacked Bricks. Encourage the quilters to make samples of the Snail’s Trail block or a sample section of Stacked Bricks.
Help students decide on a project from the book for future classes. Help with fabric selection.

Class 2
Discuss and demonstrate the tips for cutting and constructing the remaining patterns: Rocky Mountain Puzzle, Ninety-Six Miles an Hour, Delectable Mountains, Hot Apple Cider, Confined to Quarters, and Scrappy & Sensational. Encourage the quilters to make sample blocks.
Discuss with each student individually what should be done to prepare for the next class, and what to bring.

Class 3 (& 4)
Use the last class session(s) to have quilters proceed to construct a project of choice with your guidance.
Discuss how to convert patterns from other books and magazines so that they can be cut from fat quarters, converting few fabric quilts to multiple fabric quilts, with the techniques they have learned. Contact me if you need some assistance.